Jinx Videos

My campaign launch video.

May 22, 2022 Ashterothi CSM Interview

May 1, 2022 Talking In Stations: Brave Update, John Bellicose Day and Pure Blind update

Alliance Open 2020: Jinx jams FRT's Etana and Brave wipes their fleet

My EVE Online Video Guides

YouTube guide: Nullsec Dread Ratting

‘Jedi’ Huffing

T3 Production (Also Featured on Eve Academy)

Booster Production | The only how-to video on this topic

Faction ships class

Logi 101

Fleet 101

PI 101

Mining 101

Fundraising for the Brave Dojo Videos

Have a Sock Puppet | Raised Money for the Brave Dojo to support newbies

Raising Money for the Brave Dojo in celebration of 7th Birthday