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Jinx for CSM Discord
DM me: [SB00N]Jinx De'Caire#5100

What I'm running for

I’m running for CSM because I want to see EVE thrive. I’ve been a part of the Brave community for years, and I want to use my experience to give back to the whole EVE community. This means improving the experience for new and old players alike and to help bring Eve to a better state. I'm diplomatic and solutions-oriented. I would be thrilled to put my years of experience to use helping the rest of the CSM and CCP.

CSM Forum Post
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About me

I'm Jinx De'Caire, head of The Brave Dojo and leader of Brave Newbies, Inc. I've been supporting newbies in Brave and EVE since 2016 through my work in the Brave Dojo. I enjoy the variety EVE has to offer, and I've done everything from tournament play, dropping my Titan in the largest battles, to esoteric areas like gas huffing, booster, and T3 production. I believe the best content in Eve is made by the players, and I want to work with CCP to give us the tools to do more. I believe we can make Eve meet players' desires for fun, and CCP’s business goals. In my day job, I'm an engineer and project manager with experience meeting customer technical requirements, on time, and within budget. My EVE and real life experience, demonstrated dedication, and history of getting things done make me an ideal candidate to represent new players and old alike in the CSM.